Our Final Farewell




A sermons was given from the Hindu scriptures to ease the passage of Shashi's soul.

Personal memories were also shared.



We are gathered here today to say our final farewell to Shashikant Chhaganlal Raninga, Shashi, Daddy, Dad, Bapuji.  Like many of you, we still can't believe he's left us when he had so much more to live and do in this world.

He was a kind, generous and charismatic man. He was more like a big brother to me. He was my hero, but this recent enormous outpouring of love for him has shown me that he was much more than even I had realised.

Dad, I know you are looking down upon us now and would not have wanted us to cry, and for this dad, I am sorry.  No one who knew you is able to contain their emotions, even more so because we didn’t get a chance to say our final goodbye's. But we will all have our own happy memories of you, and you will live in our hearts for eternity.

I had a very special relationship with my father which few sons are lucky enough to have. We used to joke, we used to fight, play games, wrestle and even drink together. I have to admit, at 30 years my elder, he still usually won the wrestles - he was such a strong man.

He had an energy and smile that was infectious - someone you always wanted to be around. Proud, charming, youthful - a unique personality able to connect with young and old alike.

He was generous to a fault. Ever happy to give whatever he had and asking nothing in return but to see a smile on a face and to better someone's life.

He had a love for life which was unrivalled. In his 73 short years with us he touched the lives of thousands.  He lived a life most of us would struggle to live in over 100 years. I will be happy, if in my lifetime, I am able to  experience half of what he has and change the lives of half the people he did.

He had seen much adversity and hardship, but never dwelled or complained about it. From this hardship came generosity and friendship. He always used to say "Don't worry, be happy son"; and "life is for living - enjoy yourself".

He wanted nothing more than good company, a glass of red wine and the chance to sing and dance. The simple things in life which we all seem to have lost sight of in pursuit of material possessions.

Dad, we shall soon celebrate your life with wine and dance, just the way you wanted. But until then, we have to learn to carry on with the void you have left in our lives. You were larger than life and the gap you have left is equally large.

Let us learn the lessons dad taught us and live life, be happy. Let’s honour his memory by being selfless, doing good and bringing a smile to those around us.


One of the ambitions he was not able to accomplish was to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro - in death, his ashes shall fulfil this ambition.

Jai Shri Krishna.




Dad, Jani, Shash, Dr. Shashi,

My dad was hard working, strong, loving, gentle, and had the patients of a saint.  Dad was the life of every party.  No matter whose party it was he would always make his way to the centre of the dancefloor.  A party wouldn’t be complete without Dad.

Dad was always there for Mum, Bhai, me and his grandchildren, no matter how busy he was.  From all the university trips for us, bringing food and clean clothes to helping us at home and looking after our children.  He helped us conquer every obstacle life threw at us,

2 years ago Dad said, “when I pass away, I want you all to celebrate my life, dance and be merry.  Live your life as I would live mine”

Dad enjoyed life to the fullest.  Last year when mum was in India, I would phone Dad everyday: “Dad, where are you? What are you doing today?”.  “Oh, I’m having a photo shoot”.  The next day, “Dad, what are you doing tonight, come over for dinner”.  “Tonight, I’m going to a dinner and dance!”.  He made the most of every day, and so should we.

During our childhood, mum used to go to India to visit her family, and it was Dads responsibility to cook for me and Bhai.  He wrote down all the recipes as mum taught him.  He did very well making mug, chora and matter bhat.  But, then it came to making kadhi – he forgot to write down the quantity of channa-no-lot, so he guessed 1 whole cup, making the kadhi into a thick pulp.

Dad, your love, your patience, your understanding, your wisdom and sense of humour will live on inside of us forever.  You have given us gifts that are more precious than anything in this world.

I miss you Dad; I love you Dad.  I will see you again someday.  Thank you, Dad.



Just a few words about our Kaka, Shashi Kaka

To me he was Kaka, but also a Father figure as I grew up with both Kaka & Kusum Kaki. To others he was Dad, Dada, Brother, Friend, to some he introduced himself as Jaani, Elvis or James Bond.

No matter how old – young or old, Kaka got on with everyone.

Wherever Kaka went, he touched so many people, he left an imprint on every one of a colourful, happy, charming, witty, vibrant & larger than life person.

Both Kaka & Kaki looked after me from a very young age, growing up I spent a lot of time with them both. During my school holidays, I helped out at his jewellery shop in the city of Leicester. Kaka taught us how to play cricket, snooker, to dance & to party. Kaka would never miss out on a party, wherever he went, he was the life & soul of that party, encouraging others to join in & even having dance offs with the young & old.

Kaka was a caring & loving soul, he loved spending time with us & all our children & there was never a dull moment in his company.

Kaka was there for our family during the loss of our mum, late Shree Niru Raniga – he gave us so much support & love during those difficult days.

During my wedding, Kaka was there organising & planning for all the wedding events.

He has always been there for us thru our highs & lows, unfortunately we could not be there for him - to give our love & support to Kaka during his last days.

Kaka oozed with class & was a perfectionist, whatever he did, how he looked & how he dressed. Kaka has mores shoes than most women, his wardrobe is full of colourful & different suits, shirts, scarfs & ties, & wherever Kaka went he would always have a pair of sun glasses on.

Kaka – we still cannot believe that you are no longer with us, we are in deep shock & denial. The loss & love is immeasurable, however, the memories we have of you will be with us for a lifetime.

Kaka was unique, one in a million – he has left a big void in our lives & shoes that no one can ever fill.

Kaka, wherever you are I am sure that you have brightened that place up, with your smile, charisma & energetic personality.

We miss you & love you eternally, you will forever remain in our hearts & memories till the very end!

Until we meet again dear Kaku – we love you!



Kaka, kaku, Jani was more than just my kaka, he was an elder brother and a close friend. Kaka along we kaki had always been at our side in good times and sad.

One example comes to mind, I had just past my driving test and had taken my dads Renault out for the first time and had ab accident. Not knowing what to do and worried about what my dad would say, I drove to kaka's shop and told him what happened. At first he couldn't stop laughing but the comforted me and said "its OK boy its only a car" and came with to explain to my dad what had happened.

Kaka lived his life to the fullest, in everything he did. His love for music, films, fitness and generally enjoying every moment of his life.

There is so much to learn from kaka and the way he lived his life.


Mr Smiley kaka
Kaka had a natural way of just taking any situation and making people smile and laugh, he had so much energy and enthusiasm and would always give 110%. He was the soul of any party and was always the centre of attraction.


Mr Bollywood kaka
Kaka was an extrovert, outgoing and socially confident person, the way he dressed, the way he spoke and all his mannerisms. He took every opportunity to ensure his looks were perfect in every way like a Bollywood star. Kaka you were our own Mr Bollywood.


Mr Helpful kaka
Kaka never shied away from ever helping family and friends and was an very active member of the Soni Samaj Committee member. Again kaka would give 110% effort.


Mr Rhythm & Rhyme kaka
Kaka had a passion for music and songs from a very early age from Mohamad Rafi to Elvis. He would carry with him, lyrics of songs, bhajans and shyaris ready to share at any moment. Him and Naranmama were the Kalyanji–Anandji of the samaj. He was a perfectionist and would insist that he sang to "soor" and ensured the rhythm was correct. He loved to share his passion for music with all his grand children.


Mr sociable kaka
Kaka had the gift of mixing with all ages and would naturally blend in with everyone at any event.

There is so much I could go on with and will truely miss my kaka, an elder brother a friend. You are truely inspirational, someone to admire and look upto, there was never a dull moment when you were around and we will always love you and truely miss you. We will treasure the memories we shared with you in our hearts always.


I'd like to thank all the family and friends for all their  support to my Kaki, Hatal, Pooja, Sheetal, Jiten and the Raniga parivar during this difficult time.